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Various authors have contributed to the LysKOM server through the
years.  This list was constructed in 1998, over 8 years after the
project started, so it may be incomplete.

	Lars Aronsson
	Thomas Bellman
	David Byers
	Per Cederqvist
	Pär Emanuelsson
	Peter Eriksson
	Linus Tolke
	Inge Wallin
	Lars Willför

In addition to the above authors, several other persons have
contributed feedback, ideas, criticism and bug reports.  The server
wouldn't be what it is unless we got that.  You know who you are.

The sources includes third-party software which was released under
GPL by other authors than the above.  See src/libraries/regex/AUTHORS
and src/server/getopt.* and the various files created by automake and