1. 20 Feb, 2011 4 commits
  2. 07 Jul, 2010 6 commits
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      Implemented pf-goto-random. · 21621c2f
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      Retire the mkscalecache script. · 9d7f4c6f
      Per Cederqvist authored
      Change imagemap.sh to use updatethumbnails instead.
      Change photofokus.el to use updatethumbnails instead.
      Added the new -i option to updatethumbnails, which photofokus.el needs
      to be able to rotate an image without making a new commit.
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      Teach updatethumbnails to use embedded thumbnails. · b7666fd8
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      The embedded thumbnails are read using jhead -st.  That code path is
      however only used if only small thumbnails are created.
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      Teach updatethumbnails to process only some files. · 84253f1f
      Per Cederqvist authored
      The new options "-c camera", "-s size" and "-t synctime" can be used
      in any combination to limit the files that are processed.
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      Replace updatethumbnails.sh with updatethumbnails.py. · 44807a26
      Per Cederqvist authored
      The new script is a lot more clever, so when nothing has changed is
      exits in less than a second.  It is also roughly 10% faster on scaling
      the images, since it only calls djpeg once per image.
      All the hotsync scripts now create a "complete" file once all images
      are loaded.  updatethumbnails.py refuses to process a directory until
      that file exists, so that it doesn't create its own "directory
      completely processed" file before all files are loaded from the
      The "directory completely processed" file is named "sha1" and contains
      the Git commit ID of /photos/metadata.  If it changes, the script may
      have to recompute the tumbnails due to changed image rotations.
      Otherwise it can really quickly skip the directory.
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