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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Liboop is licensed under the
<a href="">Lesser General Public
Other free software with similar capabilities include the GLib <a
Similar free software includes the GLib <a
Event Loop</a> and Niels Provos' <a href="">libevent</a>.
Refer to the <a href="why#glib">rationale</a> for more information.
......@@ -103,7 +103,8 @@ which can in turn be implemented on top of most widget sets.<p>
<a name="glib"></a>
<dt><em>Doesn't GLib's <a
href="">event loop</a> do all this, and more?</em>
Event Loop</a> do all this, and more?</em>
<dd>Not quite. GLib probably comes the closest of anything else out there;
it is a fine implementation of an event loop (with priorities, even!) that
supports some extensibility (such as the ability to add extra sources).
......@@ -113,6 +114,17 @@ GLib event loop doesn't manage signals; part of why I wrote liboop was that
synchronously handling asynchronous signals is very difficult to do properly
and safely in most existing systems (without kludges like polling).<p>
<dt><em>How does liboop compare to Niels Provos' <a
<dd>Like GLib, libevent is a concrete implementation of an event loop, not
an abstract interface for many event loops; like GLib, libevent does not
manage signals. Libevent is smaller and simpler than either liboop or Glib.
While liboop and GLib are both licensed under the
<a href="">Lesser GPL</a>, libevent
appears to be licensed under the original BSD license, including the
advertising clause. Note that the advertising clause renders libevent
incompatible with GPL software!<p>
<dt><em>Shouldn't you have spent your effort improving GLib's (or someone
else's) event loop instead?</em>
<dd>Perhaps. But GLib is a big library. I think I'd rather have a very small,
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