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  3. 27 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      AstHaskell work · f90a133d
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Fixed up AstHaskell quite a bit, added some better type declarations.
      Added a whole bunch of TODO's.
      Also started prototyping on the RPC monad, which will be an extension of
      the IO monad, and needed for the remote procedure calls (RPC).
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      Created AstHaskell.lhs · 023a1694
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      A file about how we best convert from BNF to Haskell.
  4. 24 Nov, 2017 2 commits
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      Addded appendix of sample AST's · dff65d7e
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      I however don't know if the the document compiles
      correctly with them yet. Currently on a system
      without LaTeX installed.
      Having Ast.lhs be compiled from a .htex file would
      be a good future improvement, since then the sample
      output could always be in sync with the source code.
      It does however come with the drawback that HaTeX and
      HaskInTeX would be required for building the document.
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      fixed notes from yesterday · 99aebacd
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
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  7. 21 Nov, 2017 16 commits
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      Async parsing · 5c0be2dc
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Updated RPC.lhs to parse Async requests
      in addition to "Normal" requests.
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      Misc parsers · 423f53ea
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Added a bunch of miscellaneous parsers, mostly so parsing an
      entire document can be a reality sooner.
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      Help functions · 9ca19060
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Added some help functions for padding whitespace and parsers
      with delimiters surrounding them. I'm however not compleatly
      sure that they all stil work exactly as intended. Since I
      haven't written any tests.
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      RPC Maybe · 7878ed0d
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      RPC requests and returns actually had on optional type. So that's fixed
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      Introduced Helper module · b999f79c
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Moved the small helper functions from Notation.lhs to Helpers.lhs, as
      well as introduced the new `eol` helper.
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      Datatype structure · fb4b4ac8
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Added a short description of the structure type in Datatype.lhs.
      It needs to be expanded quite a bit.
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      RPC BNF parser · eee74b20
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Wrote the parser. As well as a bunch of documentation on how it probably
      should work.
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      Changed my Full type to Structure type · b02c55ab
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      After actually reading the whole "Simple Data Types" page of the
      documentation I noticed that types on the form
          ( name : type ;
            name : type ;
      Actually had the name structure. So I updated the parser to match.
      At the same time I also changed the parser in question to parse a
      type binding, instead of two words.
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      Notation LysType Comment · 0d07b093
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Added description for why both LysType and TypeFiled exists.
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      Notation modularisation and cleanup · 233f067c
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Notation.lhs is now its own module,
      I also removed the debug stuff at the very end.
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      DerivedType split into LysType and TypeBinding · 8e9e8390
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      When looking at RPC notation I realised the need for a type without a
      binding. So I split up DerivedType into two components.
      I also realised that primitive types and derived types are both types,
      and should therefor be treated equally.
      Notation.lhs still contains quite a bit of text refering to derived
      types, so it should be updates once I have a better understanding of
      how things go together. Together with the energy to actually do stuff.
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      RPC start · 6803bb86
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Added some text about RPC notation. No code yet do the need to change
      Notation.lhs first. See RPC.lhs#16
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      SELECTION BNF parsing · 4ac2867f
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Much more information about how selections "probably" work. Along with a
      parser for reading the BNF of a selection DECLARATION. Some minor
      rewrites also to allow better nested structures. And parsing of ARRAY
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      Enumeration BNF parsing · 393f3c19
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      It's now possibly to parse ENUMERATION declarations from the BNF file.
      Note that ENUMERATION-OF is still lacking since SELCTION isn't yet
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      Made Datatype into a module · c129b0c2
      Hugo Hörnquist authored
      Just a file rename, together with the module declaration line.
  8. 20 Nov, 2017 5 commits