Commit 55f103e4 authored by Hugo Hörnquist's avatar Hugo Hörnquist
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Start map parser.

parent 5f5d1bbf
(use-modules (system foreign)
(ice-9 binary-ports)
(ice-9 iconv)
(rnrs bytevectors)
(srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-9)
;;; sizeof:
;;; long => 4
;;; int => 2
(define long int32)
(define unsigned uint16)
(define int int16)
(define char uint8)
(define NUMMAPS 60)
(define MAPPLANES 2)
(chdir "/home/hugo/wolf/WOLF3D/")
(define mapfiletype
(list unsigned ; RLEWtag
(make-list 100 long) ; headeroffsets
;;; ID_CA.C, 960
(define* (bytevector->int bv #:key (offset 0) (width 4))
(reduce logior 0
(map (lambda (i) (ash (bytevector-u8-ref bv (+ offset i)) (* i 8)))
(iota width))))
(define* (bytevector->int-list bv #:key (intwidth 4) veclen)
(map (lambda (i) (bytevector->int bv #:offset i #:width intwidth))
(iota veclen 0 intwidth)))
(define maphead
(call-with-input-file "MAPHEAD.WL1"
(lambda (port)
(list (bytevector->int (get-bytevector-n port 2) #:width 2)
(bytevector->int-list (get-bytevector-all port) #:veclen 100)))
#:binary #t))
(define maptype
(list (make-list 3 long) ; planestart
(make-list 3 unsigned) ; planelength
unsigned unsigned ; width, height
(make-list 16 char))) ; name
(define-record-type <maptype>
(make-maptype planestart planelength width height name)
(planestart get-planestart)
(planelength get-planelength)
(width get-width)
(height get-height)
(name get-name))
;;; ID_CA.C, 1000
(define maps
(call-with-input-file "GAMEMAPS.WL1"
(lambda (port)
(lambda (pos i)
(if (= pos 0) #f
(seek port pos SEEK_SET)
;; planestart
(bytevector->int-list (get-bytevector-n port (* 3 (sizeof long)))
#:veclen 3)
(bytevector->int-list (get-bytevector-n port (* 3 (sizeof unsigned)))
#:veclen 3 #:intwidth 2)
(bytevector->int (get-bytevector-n port (sizeof unsigned))
#:width 2)
(bytevector->int (get-bytevector-n port (sizeof unsigned))
#:width 2)
(map integer->char
(bytevector->u8-list (get-bytevector-n port (* 16 (sizeof char)))))
(cadr maphead)
(iota NUMMAPS)))
#:binary #t))
(let ((m (car maps)))
(map (lambda (plane)
(let ((pos (list-ref (get-planestart m) plane))
(compressed (list-ref (get-planelength m) plane)))
(call-with-input-file "GAMEMAPS.WL1"
(lambda (port)
(seek port pos SEEK_SET)
(let ((source (get-bytevector-n port compressed)))
(let ((expanded (bytevector->int source)))
;; ID_CA.C, 1474
;; aaaaahhhhhh
#:binary #t)))
(iota MAPPLANES)))
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