Commit e33e98e2 authored by Andreas Kempe's avatar Andreas Kempe
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firewall: use file line in /etc/rc.conf

The configuration fragments in /etc/rc.conf.d won't apply correctly.
Move the configuration to /etc/rc.conf instead.
parent 37b333f7
class freebsd::firewall::open {
file { '/etc/rc.conf.d/firewall-open':
ensure => file,
source => 'puppet:///modules/freebsd/firewall-open',
owner => 'root',
group => 'wheel',
mode => '0644',
file_line { 'Enable firewall':
path => '/etc/rc.conf',
line => 'firewall_enable="YES"',
file_line { 'Set type to open':
path => '/etc/rc.conf',
line => 'firewall_type="open"',
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