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This file describes some mostly independent subprojects for lsh.
Before starting on any of them, please contact me (Niels Möller
<nisse@lysator.liu.se); someone may already be working on it already,
and we need to coordinate.

Port forwarding services
  UDP (not in the spec, but that's no reason why it couldn't be

PTY support.

Compression (zlib) support.

User interface. This includes command line options, configuration
files, an escape-character mechanism and any features attached to that,
including a command mode to create or terminate forwarded ports and
channels interactively.

More user authentication methods; in particular the public-key method.

Key storage, generation and management.

SPKI support. Using SPKI certificates to grant access for groups and
individuals seems seems like a good thing to me (even if I suspect
that its usefulness is greater for more specialized services than
login). I also find it appealing to send SPKI hashed key id:s rather
than the public keys themselves in the publickey authentication

SSH agent (does anybody have a specification of the protocol(s) used
by ssh-agent?)

Projects not to do:

PAM support. (Looked at it. Didn't like it. See NOTES for details).