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    * src/channel.c (do_exc_finish_channel_handler): Kill the channel's · 1d5e62ec
    Niels Möller authored
    resources when it is closed.
    (register_channel): Register the channel's resources list as an
    item on the connection's.
    (init_channel): Initialize resources list.
    (make_channel_read_close_callback): Renamed from
    make_channel_close_callback, for the same reason.
    (channel_io_exception_handler): Exception handler to close the
    channel on i/o errors. Primarily useful for fd:s the channel
    writes to.
    (make_channel_io_exception_handler): New function.
    * src/channel.c (channel_read_close_callback): Renamed from
    channel_close_callback. The previous behaviour, which used the
    callback for fd:s the channel writes to, was completely bogus.
    * src/channel.c (channel_close): Do nothing if we have already
    (channel_eof): Do nothing if we have already sent CHANNEL_EOF, or
    either sent or received CHANNEL_CLOSE.
    * src/channel.h (ssh_channel): Added a resources attribute.
    Rev: src/channel.c:1.59
    Rev: src/channel.h:1.45