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    (lshd_options): New field resources, that keeps track · 52485902
    Niels Möller authored
    of resources to be killed at sighup or program exit.
    (make_lshd_options): Create the resource list, and register it
    with the gc.
    (pid_file_resource): New class.
    (sighup_close_callback): New class.
    (do_sighup_close_callback): New SIGHUP handler.
    (make_sighup_close_callback): New function.
    (close_on_sighup): New command.
    (make_lshd_listen): Close listen socket on SIGHUP.
    (do_terminate_callback): Always catch SIGTERM.
    (install_signal_handlers): Renamed the function
    install_terminate_handler. Now installs handlers for both SIGHUP
    and SIGTERM.
    (main): Arrange for the pidfile to be deleted at exit or SIGHUP.
    Rev: src/lshd.c:1.136
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