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    * src/gateway_channel.c (do_gateway_channel_request): Use · 5d454663
    Niels Möller authored
    (gateway_channel_open_continuation): New attribute fallback.
    (do_gateway_channel_open_continuation): Set the target channel's
    request_fallback pointer.
    (do_channel_open_forward): Set the origin channel's
    request_fallback pointer.
    * src/gateway_channel.c (gateway_channel_open_command): Use a
    string instead of an atom to represent the chennel type.
    (do_gateway_channel_open): Use format_channel_opn_s().
    (make_gateway_channel_open_command): Take an struct
    channel_open_info * as argument.
    (do_channel_open_forward): New function.
    (gateway_channel_open_forward): Channel open handler that forwards
    any channel open request, of any type.
    Rev: src/gateway_channel.c:1.5
    Rev: src/gateway_channel.h:1.4
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