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    * src/argp/argp-parse.c: Deleted getopt-related code. · b04e81f6
    Niels Möller authored
    (struct parser): New field nextchar. Deleted fields try_getotp and long_opts.
    (find_short_option): New function.
    (match_option): New function.
    (find_long_option): New function.
    (struct parser_convert_state): Deleted field long_end.
    (convert_options): Don't build getopt_long-style option array.
    (parser_convert): Deleted FLAGS arument.
    (struct parser_sizes): Deleted field long_len.
    (parser_init): Set short_opts to NULL, unless ARGP_LONG_ONLY is
    (classify_arg): New function.
    (parser_parse_next): Don't use getopt_long().
    Rev: src/argp/argp-parse.c:1.8