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    Changed the closure mechanism. Now, the first argument to all closures · f30668e6
    Niels Möller authored
    is a pointer to a pointer to itself, which may be changed. They no
    longer return themselves (or a replacement).
    Rev: src/abstract_io.h:1.5
    Rev: src/blocking_write.c:1.3
    Rev: src/blocking_write.h:1.3
    Rev: src/client.c:1.5
    Rev: src/client.h:1.4
    Rev: src/debug.c:1.6
    Rev: src/debug.h:1.5
    Rev: src/encrypt.c:1.6
    Rev: src/io.c:1.6
    Rev: src/lshd.c:1.2
    Rev: src/packet_dispatch.c:1.4
    Rev: src/pad.c:1.6
    Rev: src/read_line.c:1.3
    Rev: src/read_line.h:1.4
    Rev: src/read_packet.c:1.3
    Rev: src/unpad.c:1.5
    Rev: src/void.c:1.6
    Rev: src/write_buffer.c:1.4
    Rev: src/write_buffer.h:1.4
    Rev: src/zlib.c:1.5