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Rev: ChangeLog:1.339
Rev: src/testsuite/
parent cfdd8c0c
2001-04-05 Niels Mller <>
* src/gc.c (gc_final): Check for leaked strings, and write any
* src/lsh.h (struct lsh_string_header): Added more debug info.
* src/xalloc.c (all_strings): New variable, for debugging.
(sanity_check_string_list): New function.
(lsh_string_alloc_clue): New function, remembering allocated
(lsh_string_free): Unregister string.
* src/werror.c (werror_vformat): Pass arguments to werror_write in
the correct order.
(werror_vformat): Likewise.
# Testsuite
# Tests that can be used without any special setup.
TS_PROGS = arcfour-test des-test rijndael-test twofish-test \
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