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Rev: ChangeLog:1.1110
Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.233
parent 518c025b
2011-11-24 Niels Mller <>
* misc/run-tests (test_program): If EMULATOR is set in the
environment, and the testprogram is not a script, use EMULATOR to
run it. Typical use is EMULATUR=wine.
2011-09-21 Niels Mller <>
* src/ (SOURCES): Added pidfile.c.
2011-11-24 Niels Mller <>
From Martin Storsj:
* testsuite/sexp-conv-test: Use $EMULATOR when running test
programs. Also ignore \r for output in the non-canonical output
* testsuite/ (check): Pass $(EMULATOR) in the
environment of run-tests.
* (EMULATOR): New substituted variable. Set to wine
or wine64 when compiling for windows, otherwise empty.
* (EMULATOR): Set from autoconf value.
2011-11-20 Niels Mller <>
* x86/camellia-crypt-internal.asm: Take ALIGNOF_UINT64_T into
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