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* doc/TODO: Some updates.

Rev: doc/TODO:1.95
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......@@ -42,23 +42,23 @@ Not all packet consumers free processed packets properly.
Have the allocator initialize all objects automatically.
Consider adding reference counts to strings.
Better typechecking of non-heap objects. To do this one would also
need valid isa-pointers in classes (as classes are statically
allocated). If this is done properly, the meta feature could also be
cleaned up a little.
Consider adding reference counts to strings.
Consider adding "const" methods. One such method to use that for is
Consider which errors can occur in the channel callback functions;
they are probably somewhat different from errors in higher levels. For
instance, writing to a file associated with a channel may fail. In
that case, the channel should be closed, but the connection should not
Implement window-change requests.
Implement window-change requests on the server side.
......@@ -172,8 +172,7 @@ such device).
Add some workaround for the poll()-bug in linux/glibc-2.07 reported by
Bazsi. Hmm, this is probably not a bug. I have to find out what the
right way is to handle the poll conditions POLLERR, POLLHUP and
POLLERR. For a start, the fd-list passed to poll should include only
fd:s that we are actually interested in.
Consider removing the write-attribute from ssh_channel.
......@@ -207,8 +206,6 @@ Consider using dynamically allocated strings for exception messages.
Without this, it is impossible to use non-constant messages, for
instance messages supplied by the peer.
See if we can do without the "reason" argument to close callbacks.
Try to unify the handling of queued channel requests and global
......@@ -249,9 +246,5 @@ Write more testcases for rsa.
Perhaps change the LOOKUP_VERIFIER method to return an spki_subject?
Change the COMMAND_SIMPLE and COMMAND_STATIC macros to take argument
names as arguments, making them more hygienig. Perhaps also rename
them in the process.
Make connection_unlock install a callout that calls
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