Commit 0c71bf7b authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* src/tcpforward_commands.c (new_tcpip_channel): Don't initialize

rec_window_size and rec_max_packet hare; let make_tcpip_channel
handle that.
(forward_remote_port): Noted that this doesn't work; connect gets
called too early.

Rev: src/tcpforward_commands.c:1.7
parent 74bf89cb
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
#include <assert.h>
/* Forward declarations */
/* extern struct command_simple forward_start_io; */
extern struct collect_info_1 open_direct_tcpip;
extern struct collect_info_1 remote_listen_command;
extern struct collect_info_1 open_forwarded_tcpip;
......@@ -50,7 +50,6 @@ static struct command make_direct_tcpip_handler;
struct collect_info_1 install_tcpip_forward_handler;
static struct command make_tcpip_forward_handler;
/* #define FORWARD_START_IO (&forward_start_io.super.super) */
#define OPEN_DIRECT_TCPIP (&open_direct_tcpip.super.super.super)
#define REMOTE_LISTEN (&remote_listen_command.super.super.super)
#define TCPIP_START_IO (&tcpip_start_io.super)
......@@ -153,9 +152,6 @@ new_tcpip_channel(struct channel_open_command *c,
channel = make_tcpip_channel(self->peer->fd, TCPIP_WINDOW_SIZE);
channel->write = connection->write;
channel->max_window = self->max_window;
channel->rec_window_size = self->max_window;
*request = prepare_channel_open(connection->channels, self->type,
......@@ -407,17 +403,19 @@ make_forward_local_port(struct io_backend *backend,
(remote_listen REMOTE_LISTEN)
;; (connection_remember CONNECTION_REMEMBER)
(start_io TCPIP_CONNECT_IO))
(connect_io TCPIP_CONNECT_IO))
(connect object command)
(remote object address_info))
(lambda (connection)
(remote_listen (lambda (peer)
(start_io peer
(connect_io ; peer
;; FIXME: This calls connect too early
;; Let it take peer as argument
(connect (K connection peer))))
;; Replacing connection with (K connection peer)
;; might work, except that it is optimized away.
(connect connection)))
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