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NEWS for lsh-2.1.

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News for the 2.1 release
No longer includes the Nettle library; GNU Nettle has to be
installed separately. At least version 2.2 is needed.
Available at
Includes several improvements from debian maintainer Magnus
* Make lsh exit properly on connection failure.
* Improved lsh error message when seed file doesn't exist.
* Make lshd set the IPV6_V6ONLY option when binding IPv6
Use service name "lshd" in lsh-pam-checkpw (patch from Ludovic
Fixed an utmp-related build problem on GNU/Linux x86_64.
Testsuite includes new versions of tcpconnect and mini-inetd,
which work better with IPv6.
News for the 2.0.4 release News for the 2.0.4 release
Fixed x11 forwarding bug in the lsh client. Fixed x11 forwarding bug in the lsh client.
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