Commit 11d241f3 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* x86/machine.m4 (AES_STORE): New macro.

Rev: src/nettle/x86/machine.m4:1.3
parent e8721844
......@@ -13,3 +13,20 @@ define(<AES_LAST_ROUND>, <
movl %e<>$4<>x,%ebp
andl <$>0xff000000,%ebp
orl %ebp,%edi>)dnl
dnl AES_STORE(key, dst)
dnl Adds the subkey pointed to by %esi to %eax-%edx,
dnl and stores the result in the area pointed to by %edi.
dnl Note that x86 allows unaligned accesses.
dnl Would it be preferable to interleave the loads and stores?
define(<AES_STORE>, <
xorl ($1),%eax
xorl 4($1),%ebx
xorl 8($1),%ecx
xorl 12($1),%edx
movl %eax,($2)
movl %ebx,4($2)
movl %ecx,8($2)
movl %edx,12($2)>)dnl
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