Commit 139e3840 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

* src/channel.h (ssh_channel): Added request_fallback attribute.

(channel_request_info): New struct.
(channel_request): Use a channel_request_info argument.

* src/channel.h (struct channel_open_info): New struct to
represent the common information in SSH_MSH_CHANNEL_OPEN.
(channel_table): New attribute open_fallback.
(channel_open): Use a channel_open_info for the arguments.

Rev: src/channel.h:1.62
parent e6b06c53
......@@ -36,9 +36,14 @@
/* FIXME: Reorder definitions so that we don't need this forward
* declaration. */
struct channel_open_handler;
struct channel_open_info;
#if 0
struct channel_request;
struct channel_request_info;
#include "channel.h.x"
......@@ -104,8 +109,8 @@ struct channel_open_info;
(request_types object alist)
; FIXME: Add a fallback, to be used for unknown requests.
; (request_fallback object ...)
; If non-NULL, invoked for unknown channel requests.
(request_fallback object channel_request)
(flags . int)
......@@ -241,7 +246,7 @@ struct channel_open_info
/* NOTE: This is a pointer into the packet, so if it is needed later
* it must be copied. */
const UINT8 *type_string;
const UINT8 *type_data;
int type;
......@@ -284,15 +289,16 @@ make_channel_open_exception(UINT32 error_code, const char *msg);
#if 0
struct channel_request_info
UINT32 type_length;
const UINT8 *type_string;
const UINT8 *type_data;
int type;
int want_reply;
/* GABA:
......@@ -301,15 +307,16 @@ struct channel_request_info
(handler method void
"struct ssh_channel *channel"
"struct ssh_connection *connection"
"UINT32 type"
"int want_reply"
"struct channel_request_info *info"
;; "UINT32 type"
;; "int want_reply"
"struct simple_buffer *args"
"struct command_continuation *c"
"struct exception_handler *e")))
#define CHANNEL_REQUEST(s, c, conn, t, w, a, n, e) \
((s)->handler((s), (c), (conn), (t), (w), (a), (n), (e)))
#define CHANNEL_REQUEST(s, c, conn, i, a, n, e) \
((s)->handler((s), (c), (conn), (i), (a), (n), (e)))
/* #define CONNECTION_START(c, s) ((c)->start((c), (s))) */
......@@ -360,23 +367,31 @@ channel_start_receive(struct ssh_channel *channel,
UINT32 initial_window_size);
struct lsh_string *
format_channel_open_s(UINT32 type_length, UINT8 *type,
format_channel_open_s(struct lsh_string *type,
UINT32 local_channel_number,
struct ssh_channel *channel,
struct lsh_string *args);
#if 0
struct lsh_string *
format_channel_open_a(int type,
UINT32 local_channel_number,
struct ssh_channel *channel,
struct lsh_string *args);
struct lsh_string *
format_channel_open(int type, UINT32 local_channel_number,
struct ssh_channel *channel,
const char *format, ...);
struct lsh_string *format_channel_request(int type,
struct lsh_string *
format_channel_request_i(struct channel_request_info *info,
struct ssh_channel *channel,
UINT32 args_length, const UINT8 *args_data);
struct lsh_string *
format_channel_request(int type,
struct ssh_channel *channel,
int want_reply,
const char *format, ...);
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