Commit 14ab3a2e authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Comment changes.

Rev: src/lshd.c:1.205
parent c0b040c3
......@@ -575,6 +575,8 @@ static unsigned
open_all_ports(struct lshd_context *ctx, struct resource_list *resources,
struct object_queue *interfaces, struct string_queue *ports)
/* FIXME: Move this default behaviour to lshd_config_handler where
other defaults are set up. */
if (object_queue_is_empty (interfaces))
return open_interface(ctx, resources, NULL, ports);
......@@ -812,6 +814,11 @@ lshd_argp_parser(int key, char *arg, struct argp_state *state)
/* FIXME: Why is this done here, rather than by
lshd_config_handler's case CONFIG_PARSE_KEY_END? I think this
processing is done after CONFIG_PARSE_KEY_END. We should
propagate verbosity options from the command line only, not
from the config file. */
if (object_queue_is_empty(&self->ctx->service_config->services))
struct service_entry *entry
......@@ -823,7 +830,6 @@ lshd_argp_parser(int key, char *arg, struct argp_state *state)
arglist_push (&entry->args, "--session-id");
arglist_push (&entry->args, "$(session_id)");
/* Propagate werror-related options. */
if (self->super.super.verbose > 0)
arglist_push (&entry->args, "-v");
if (self->super.super.quiet > 0)
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