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Rev: src/bignum.c:1.18
parent ec570fe1
......@@ -242,6 +242,21 @@ bignum_random(mpz_t x, struct randomness *random, mpz_t n)
* way might to generate a random number of mpz_sizeinbase(n, 2)
* bits, and loop until one smaller than n is found. */
/* From Daniel Bleichenbacher (via coderpunks):
* There is still a theoretical attack possible with 8 extra bits.
* But, the attack would need about 2^66 signatures 2^66 memory and
* 2^66 time (if I remember that correctly). Compare that to DSA,
* where the attack requires 2^22 signatures 2^40 memory and 2^64
* time. And of course, the numbers above are not a real threat for
* PGP. Using 16 extra bits (i.e. generating a 176 bit random number
* and reducing it modulo q) will defeat even this theoretical
* attack.
* More generally log_2(q)/8 extra bits are enoug to defeat my
* attack. NIST also plans to update the standard.
/* Add a few bits extra, to decrease the bias from the final modulo
* operation. */
bignum_random_size(x, random, mpz_sizeinbase(n, 2) + 10);
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