Commit 193b4263 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Rev: src/xalloc.h:1.27
parent 423d7096
......@@ -60,14 +60,25 @@ struct lsh_string *lsh_string_alloc(UINT32 size);
lsh_string_free(const struct lsh_string *packet);
struct lsh_object *lsh_object_alloc(struct lsh_class *class);
struct lsh_object *
lsh_var_alloc(struct lsh_class *class,
size_t extra);
struct lsh_object *
lsh_object_alloc(struct lsh_class *class);
/* FIXME: Should take a const struct lsh_object. */
void lsh_object_free(struct lsh_object *o);
/* NOTE: This won't work for if there are strings or other instance
* variables that can't be shared. */
struct lsh_object *lsh_object_clone(struct lsh_object *o);
struct lsh_object *
lsh_var_clone(struct lsh_object *o, size_t size);
struct lsh_object *
lsh_object_clone(struct lsh_object *o);
void *lsh_space_alloc(size_t size);
void lsh_space_free(const void *p);
......@@ -107,14 +118,25 @@ extern unsigned number_of_strings;
#define NEW(class, var) \
struct class *(var) = (struct class *) lsh_object_alloc(&CLASS(class))
#define NEW_VAR_OBJECT(class, var, size) \
struct class *(var) = \
(struct class *) lsh_var_alloc(&CLASS(class), size)
#define NEW_SPACE(x) ((x) = lsh_space_alloc(sizeof(*(x))))
#define CLONE(class, i) \
((struct class *) lsh_object_clone(CHECK_TYPE(class, (i))))
#define CLONE_VAR_OBJECT(class, i, size) \
((struct class *) lsh_var_clone(CHECK_TYPE(class, (i)), (size)))
#define CLONED(class, var, i) \
struct class *(var) = CLONE(class, i)
#define CLONED_VAR_OBJECT(class, var, i, size) \
struct class *(var) = CLONE_VAR_OBJECT(class, i, size)
#define KILL(x) gc_kill((struct lsh_object *) (x))
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