Commit 1c2060d9 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(class gateway_channel): Moved definition here,

from gateway_chanel.h. Changed type of chain attribute to

Rev: src/gateway.h:1.15
parent 7aceb4de
......@@ -92,4 +92,38 @@ gateway_forward_channel_open(struct ssh_connection *target_connection,
extern struct channel_open gateway_channel_open;
/* This is one of a pair of channels that are connected together. */
/* GABA:
(name gateway_channel)
(super ssh_channel)
(chain object gateway_channel)
; If non-NULL, we have requested X11 forwarding. Present only
; for the channel belonging to the shared connection, since we
; need it mainly when processing CHANNEL_SUCCESS and
; CHANNEL_FAILURE from the server.
(x11 object gateway_x11_handler)
;; Present only in the target channel, but relates to the
;; CHANNEL_OPEN message received for the originating channel.
;; FIXME: Could use a new class, but it's probably not worth
;; the hassle.
(info const object channel_open_info)))
/* GABA:
(name gateway_x11_handler)
(super client_x11_handler)
; Number of pending replies, before we get the reply to the x11
; request.
(pending . unsigned)
(gateway object ssh_connection)))
extern struct channel_request gateway_x11_request_handler;
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