Commit 1c8d9ebd authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* src/client_x11.c: Added comment about observed X11 packets (that

seem contrary to the documentation in RFC 1013.
(do_client_channel_x11_receive): Print received cookie, for
debugging purposes.
(make_forward_x11): Print generated fake cookie, for debugging
(parse_display): Fixed ssh_format invocation creating the local
socket name.
(do_channel_open_x11): Fixed invocation of verbose().
(do_format_request_x11_forward): Get the connection from the
channel, now that the connection pointer is available there.
(do_format_request_x11_forward): Hex encode the cookie. That's
ugly, but needed for compatibility.

Rev: src/client_x11.c:1.7
parent 6d345eda
......@@ -124,6 +124,15 @@
* I.e. no minor version, and name length at index 7.
/* From Pike's X.pmod:
* /( Always uses network byteorder (big endian)
* string msg = sprintf("B\0%2c%2c%2c%2c\0\0%s%s",
* 11, 0,
* strlen(auth_data->name), strlen(auth_data->data),
* ._Xlib.pad(auth_data->name), ._Xlib.pad(auth_data->data));
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