Commit 1fdacb77 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Comment fix.

Rev: src/client_x11.c:1.35
parent 9c0aef51
......@@ -672,9 +672,9 @@ do_client_x11_handle_random_reply(struct client_random_handler *s,
self->display->fake = ssh_format("%ls", length, data);
/* NOTE: The cookie is hex encoded, apparently so that it can be
/* NOTE: The cookie is hex encoded, presumably so that it can be
passed directly to the xauth command line. That's ugly, but
it's how the other ssh implementations do it. */
it's what the specification says. */
if (!channel_send_request(&self->session->super, ATOM_LD(ATOM_X11_REQ), 1,
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