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Rev: ChangeLog:1.330
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2001-04-01 Niels Mller <>
* src/sftp/ (sftp_server_SOURCES,
sftp_test_client_SOURCES): Added xmalloc.c.
* src/sftp/xmalloc.c: New file. Defines xmalloc, xrealloc and
* src/sftp/sftp-test-client.c (do_put): Use xmalloc.
* src/sftp/sftp-server.c (sftp_get_user): New function.
(sftp_get_group): Likewise.
(struct sftp_ctx): Added user_cache and group_cache.
(sftp_init): Initialize user_cache and group_cache.
(sftp_put_longname): Take a sftp_ctx * as argument. Use
sftp_get_user and sftp_get_group.
* src/sftp/buffer.c: Use xmalloc and xrealloc.
* src/sftp/idcache.c: Rewrite.
* src/sftp/ (sftp_server_SOURCES): Added idcache.c.
* src/sftp/sftp-server.c: Use the functions from idcache.c.
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