Commit 3a3a93e6 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* rsa.h (struct rsa_private_key): Reintroduced d attribute, to be

used only for key generation output.
(rsa_generate_keypair): Wrote a prototype.

Rev: src/nettle/rsa.h:1.7
parent 85b4c6d7
......@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@ struct rsa_public_key
struct rsa_private_key
unsigned size;
/* d is filled in by the key generation function; otherwise it's
* completely unused. */
mpz_t d;
/* The two factors */
mpz_t p; mpz_t q;
......@@ -134,6 +138,21 @@ rsa_sha1_verify(struct rsa_public_key *key,
rsa_compute_root(struct rsa_private_key *key, mpz_t x, const mpz_t m);
/* Key generation */
rsa_generate_keypair(struct rsa_public_key *pub,
struct rsa_public_key *key,
void *random_ctx,
void (*random)(void *ctx, unsigned length, uint8_t *dst),
/* Desired size of modulo, in bits */
unsigned n_size,
/* Desired size of public exponent, in bits. If
* zero, the passed in value pub->e is used. */
unsigned e_size);
#define RSA_SIGN(key, algorithm, ctx, length, data, signature) ( \
algorithm##_update(ctx, length, data), \
rsa_##algorithm##_sign(key, ctx, signature) \
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