Commit 3fd1143c authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

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Rev: ChangeLog:1.248
Rev: src/testsuite/.cvsignore:1.6
parent 0fc5b4ec
2000-10-03 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/spki.c (spki_make_signer): New function. Used in
do_spki_sexp2signer() and parse_private_key().
(spki_make_public_key): New function. Used in spki_signer2public()
and parse_private_key().
* src/lsh-decode-key.c (do_decode_key): Build
* src/interact.h: New class abstract_interact (not yet used).
* src/interact.c: New class interact_unix, still #if:ed out.
* src/abstract_crypto.h (signer): Changed the conventions for
SIGNER_PUBLIC(). Now returns ( <pub-sig-alg-id> <s-expr>* ), not
* src/dsa.c (make_dsa_public_key): Updated for the new convention.
* src/rsa.c (do_rsa_public_key): Likewise.
* src/testsuite/ (TS_PROGS): Added tests for rsa and
* src/sexp-conv.c (do_sexp_select): Bugfix in OP_CAR.
2000-10-01 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/sexp-conv.c: New option --select.
(do_sexp_select): New function.
(make_sexp_select_command): New function.
* src/testsuite/macros.m4 (TS_TEST_SIGN): Bug fixes.
(main): Recognize options -v, --debug etc.
* src/rsa.c (rsa_compute_root): Fixed bug in CRT calculation.
* src/keyexchange.c (select_algorithm): Reversed order of
arguments. (Fixes a bug reported by jps).
(do_handle_kexinit): Use symbolic constants when indexing
2000-09-26 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain> 2000-09-26 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/dsa_keygen.c (dsa_generate_key): Added lost * src/dsa_keygen.c (dsa_generate_key): Added lost
...@@ -3,13 +3,18 @@ Makefile ...@@ -3,13 +3,18 @@ Makefile
des-test des-test
des-test.c des-test.c
foo foo
md5-test md5-test
md5-test.c md5-test.c
sha1-test sha1-test
sha1-test.c sha1-test.c
spki-tag-test spki-tag-test
spki-tag-test.c spki-tag-test.c
twofish-test twofish-test
twofish-test.c twofish-test.c
...@@ -3,13 +3,18 @@ ...@@ -3,13 +3,18 @@
/ /
/des-test /des-test
/des-test.c /des-test.c
/foo /foo
/ /
/md5-test /md5-test
/md5-test.c /md5-test.c
/sha1-test /sha1-test
/sha1-test.c /sha1-test.c
/spki-tag-test /spki-tag-test
/spki-tag-test.c /spki-tag-test.c
/twofish-test /twofish-test
/twofish-test.c /twofish-test.c
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