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News entry for 2.9-exp.

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News for the 2.9-exp release
This is not a regular release, it's the current state of the
development version. "exp" for "experimental". New things:
* Server split into three main programs; lshd, lshd-userauth
and lshd-connection, to reduce the amount of code that is
running with root privileges.
* The server programs use configuration files, in addition
to the command line options.
* Client split into two programs, lsh and lsh-transport. By
default, lsh tries to use a gateway, and lshg is just a
shell script that invokes lsh with options to make it
unconditionally use a gateway, or fail if none is present.
Missing features and known problems:
* The server in the current version will not listen on
anything but localhost. I don't recommend using the server
in this version for anything but testing.
* Server supports publickey authentication only.
* Internal flow-control is not fully implemented. Programs
may exit (in a controlled fashion) if some channel or
socket is overwhelmed with data.
* Client does not support any escape key.
* I suspect there's some bug in the channel book-keeping of
lsh gatewaying (I've seen some errors, but haven't
investigated them yet).
* PTY support, using the lshd-pty-helper program, has some
portability problems.
* The manual is not up-to-date.
Interfaces, including the syntax of the configuration files
and the protocols used for communication betwen the various
processes, may change in the next version of lsh.
News for the 2.0.3 release
At startup, lshd now tries to close any spurious open file
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