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Rev: ChangeLog:1.797
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2004-10-02 Niels Mller <>
Implemented client-side "keyboard-interactive".
* src/unix_interact.c (unix_read_password): Split off...
(read_password): New function, reads password and doesn't free
(unix_dialog): New function.
* src/server_password.c (do_authenticate): Disallow control
characters in user names.
* src/server_userauth.c (do_none_preauth): Likewise.
* src/server_publickey.c (do_authenticate): Likewise.
* src/parse.c (parse_utf8): New argument *utf8_length. Treat
overlong sequences surrigates and the non-characters 0xfffe and
0xffff as errors.
* src/lsh.c (make_lsh_login): Use keyboard-interactive, if the
other methods fail.
* src/interact.h (interact_dialog): New class.
(INTERACT_DIALOG): New method.
* src/interact.c (make_interact_dialog): New function.
* src/debug.c (do_debug): Censor packets of type
* src/client_userauth.c (client_password_method): Renamed class
(client_userauth_interactive_method): ... Used for both "password"
and "keyboard-interactive".
(format_userauth_kbdinteract, format_userauth_info_response): New
(client_kbdinteract_state, userauth_info_request_handler): New
(do_userauth_info_request, make_userauth_info_request_handler)
(do_kbdinteract_failure, make_client_kbdinteract_state)
(do_kbdinteract_login, make_client_kbdinteract_auth): New
* src/ Added "keyboard-interactive".
Changes to utf8 decoding.
* src/charset.h (enum utf8_flag): New enum.
* src/charset.c (utf8_to_local, low_utf8_to_local): Implemented
control character fitlering. Replaced STRICT argument with two
flags utf8_replace and utf8_paranoid.
(ucs4_is_control): New function.
(local_is_utf8): Deleted function.
* src/werror.c (werror_vformat): Improved utf8 handling. Always
convert with utf8_replace, and add utf8_paranoid in paranoia mode.
2004-09-22 Niels Mller <>
* acinclude.m4 (LSH_CCPIC): Don't use -fpic on cygwin.
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