Commit 451597f7 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(class catch_report_collect): Deleted.
(PROGN, PROTECT): Deleted.

Rev: src/command.h:
parent d2eda82e
......@@ -207,20 +207,8 @@ static void \
void do_call_simple_command(struct command *s,
struct lsh_object *arg,
struct command_continuation *c,
struct exception_handler *e);
struct command *make_parallell_progn(struct object_list *body);
extern struct command progn_command;
extern struct command_2 protect_command;
extern struct command_continuation discard_continuation;
#define CONTINUATION_USED_P(c) ((c) != &discard_continuation)
/* GABA:
(name command_frame)
......@@ -232,7 +220,7 @@ extern struct command_continuation discard_continuation;
/* Used when the execution context must be saved for later use.
* Primarily used in channel_commands.c.
* Primarily used in channel.c.
/* GABA:
......@@ -246,37 +234,6 @@ struct command_context *
make_command_context(struct command_continuation *c,
struct exception_handler *e);
struct catch_handler_info *
make_catch_handler_info(uint32_t mask, uint32_t value,
int ignore_value,
struct command *handler);
struct command *
make_catch_apply(struct catch_handler_info *info,
struct command *body);
/* GABA:
(name catch_report_collect)
(super command)
(info const object report_exception_info)))
struct command *
make_catch_report_apply(const struct report_exception_info *info,
struct command *body);
do_catch_report_collect(struct command *s,
struct lsh_object *a,
struct command_continuation *c,
struct exception_handler *e);
{ STATIC_COMMAND(do_catch_report_collect), i }
struct command *make_trace(const char *name, struct command *real);
......@@ -289,8 +246,6 @@ struct lsh_object *collect_trace(const char *name, struct lsh_object *real);
/* Useful global commands */
#define PROG1 (&command_K.super.super)
#define PROGN (&progn_command.super)
#define PROTECT (&protect_command.super.super)
/* The GABA_* macros are used by automatically generated evaluation code */
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