Commit 48ac2627 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* src/combinators.c (command_C): Redefined using DEFINE_COMMAND3.

(command_Cp): Redefined using DEFINE_COMMAND4, but disabled the
new version as it doesn't quite work.

Rev: src/command.h:1.55
parent 044bd1c9
......@@ -186,6 +186,7 @@ struct command_3 cname = \
static void \
/* A command taking 4 arguments */
/* GABA:
......@@ -237,6 +238,7 @@ struct command_4 cname = \
static void \
void do_call_simple_command(struct command *s,
struct lsh_object *arg,
struct command_continuation *c,
......@@ -465,53 +467,25 @@ extern struct command_4 command_Bp;
#define GABA_APPLY_Bp_3(c, f, g) \
((struct lsh_object *) make_command_4_invoke_3(&command_Bp, (c), (f), (g)))
#if 0
extern struct collect_info_1 command_B;
extern struct collect_info_2 collect_info_B_2;
struct command *make_command_B_2(struct command *f,
struct command *g);
struct lsh_object *collect_B_2(struct collect_info_2 *info,
struct lsh_object *f,
struct lsh_object *g);
#define GABA_VALUE_B (&command_B.super.super.super)
#define GABA_APPLY_B_1(f) (make_collect_state_1(&command_B, (f)))
#define GABA_APPLY_B_2(f, g) (collect_B_2(&collect_info_B_2, (f), (g)))
extern struct collect_info_1 command_Bp;
extern struct collect_info_2 collect_info_Bp_2;
extern struct collect_info_3 collect_info_Bp_3;
struct command *make_command_Bp_3(struct command *c,
struct command *f,
struct command *g);
struct lsh_object *collect_Bp_3(struct collect_info_3 *info,
struct lsh_object *c,
struct lsh_object *f,
struct lsh_object *g);
#define GABA_VALUE_Bp (&command_Bp.super.super.super)
#define GABA_APPLY_Bp_1(c) (make_collect_state_1(&command_Bp, (c)))
#define GABA_APPLY_Bp_2(c, f) \
(make_collect_state_2(&collect_info_Bp_2, (c), (f)))
#define GABA_APPLY_Bp_3(c, f, g) (collect_Bp_3(&collect_info_Bp_3, (c), (f), (g)))
extern struct command_3 command_C;
extern struct collect_info_1 command_C;
extern struct collect_info_2 collect_info_C_2;
#define GABA_VALUE_C (&command_C.super.super)
#define GABA_APPLY_C_1(f) \
((struct lsh_object *) make_command_3_invoke(&command_C, (f)))
#define GABA_APPLY_C_2(f, g) \
((struct lsh_object *) make_command_3_invoke_2(&command_C, (f), (g)))
struct command *
make_command_C_2(struct command *f,
struct lsh_object *y);
struct lsh_object *
collect_C_2(struct collect_info_2 *info,
struct lsh_object *f,
struct lsh_object *y);
#if 0
extern struct command_4 command_Cp;
#define GABA_VALUE_C (&command_C.super.super.super)
#define GABA_APPLY_C_1(f) (make_collect_state_1(&command_C, (f)))
#define GABA_APPLY_C_2(f, y) (collect_C_2(&collect_info_C_2, (f), (y)))
#define GABA_VALUE_Cp (&command_Cp.super.super)
#define GABA_APPLY_Cp_1(c) \
((struct lsh_object *) make_command_4_invoke(&command_Cp, (c)))
#define GABA_APPLY_Cp_2(c, f) \
((struct lsh_object *) make_command_4_invoke_2(&command_Cp, (c), (f)))
#define GABA_APPLY_Cp_3(c, f, g) \
((struct lsh_object *) make_command_4_invoke_3(&command_Cp, (c), (f), (g)))
extern struct collect_info_1 command_Cp;
extern struct collect_info_2 collect_info_Cp_2;
......@@ -533,5 +507,4 @@ collect_Cp_3(struct collect_info_3 *info,
(make_collect_state_2(&collect_info_Cp_2, (c), (f)))
#define GABA_APPLY_Cp_3(c, f, y) (collect_Cp_3(&collect_info_Cp_3, (c), (f), (y)))
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