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Rev: ChangeLog:1.8
Rev: doc/TODO:1.18
parent 9de9b11c
Wed Dec 16 01:33:25 1998 <nisse@puck>
* client.c (do_exit_status): Send eof, if we haven't done that
* channel.c (do_channel_eof): Don't initiate close automatically
when eof has been both sent and recieved.
* list.c (make_int_listv): New function
(make_object_listv): New function
In channel.c and readpacket.c there are logical problems with the code: the
channel numbers are of type UINT32, but are often assigned to ints for which
negative values are used to signal error conditions. These negative values
can well be valid channel numbers! Either the signalling of errors needs to
be done through a separate mechanism (this is probably the cleanest
solution), or a (signed) INT64 should be made for "channel number or error".
Consider return values from handlers. A return value has several
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