Commit 56ce86e9 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(update_seed_file): Mix in current seed file

before overwriting it.
(random_init): yarrow256_force_reseed replaced by

Rev: src/unix_random.c:1.23
parent e00a95ed
...@@ -121,23 +121,21 @@ update_seed_file(void) ...@@ -121,23 +121,21 @@ update_seed_file(void)
else else
{ {
struct lsh_string *s = read_seed_file(seed_file_fd); struct lsh_string *s = read_seed_file(seed_file_fd);
seed_file_write(seed_file_fd, &yarrow);
/* Mix in the old seed file, it might have picked up
* some randomness. */
/* FIXME: Ideally, this should be mixed in *before* generating
the new seed file. To mix using yarrow, yarrow256_fast_reseed must be
made non-static. Or, alternatively, we could manually xor
the new seed file on top of the old one. */
if (s) if (s)
{ {
/* Mix in the new seed, it might have picked up some
randomness. We mix it into the fast pool *before*
generating the new one. */
yarrow.sources[RANDOM_SOURCE_NEW_SEED].next = YARROW_FAST;
yarrow256_update(&yarrow, RANDOM_SOURCE_NEW_SEED, yarrow256_update(&yarrow, RANDOM_SOURCE_NEW_SEED,
0, STRING_LD(s)); 0, STRING_LD(s));
lsh_string_free(s); lsh_string_free(s);
} }
seed_file_write(seed_file_fd, &yarrow);
} }
} }
...@@ -342,7 +340,7 @@ random_init(const struct lsh_string *seed_file_name) ...@@ -342,7 +340,7 @@ random_init(const struct lsh_string *seed_file_name)
trivia_source(); trivia_source();
/* Mix that data in before generating any output. */ /* Mix that data in before generating any output. */
yarrow256_force_reseed(&yarrow); yarrow256_slow_reseed(&yarrow);
/* Overwrite seed file. */ /* Overwrite seed file. */
if (!seed_file_write(seed_file_fd, &yarrow)) if (!seed_file_write(seed_file_fd, &yarrow))
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