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Rev: ChangeLog:1.43
Rev: NEWS:1.12
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Sun Mar 7 15:21:43 1999 Niels Mller <>
* src/werror.c (werror_decimal): Bug fix.
* src/server.c (do_open_session): Adapted to the new CHANNEL_OPEN
(make_server_connection_service): Renamed (was
(server_connection_service): New instance variable, backend.
Needed for tcp forwarding.
* src/io.c (io_read_write): Changed return type to struct io_fd *
* src/tty.h (CFMAKERAW): Set the VMIN and VTIME attributes.
* src/tcpforward.c, src/tcpforward.h: New files (Bazsi).
* src/channel.h (channel_open_callback): New class, for
opening new channels asyncronously.
* (channel_open): Handler method now takes a channel_open_callback
* src/channel.c (channel_open_response): New class.
(format_global_success): New function.
(do_channel_open_response): New function.
(make_channel_open_response): New function.
(do_channel_open): Moved most processing into do_channel_open
Fri Mar 5 03:23:06 1999 Niels Mller <>
* src/symmetric/twofish.c, src/symmetric/twofish.h
NEWS for the 1999-03-07 snapshot
Improved CFMAKERAW. Ugly fix for the UNIX98-style pty:s
Twofish support (not quite working).
Started on tcp forwarding (Bazsi).
Some support for broken ssh2 signatures (Baszi). Needs some
more work.
Various bugfixes.
NEWS for the 1999-02-28 snapshot
Portability fixes for Solaris.
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