Commit 5a0c13c4 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(start_service): Fixed ENV_MAX handling.

Rev: src/lshd-userauth.c:1.5
parent 426a114f
......@@ -549,9 +549,9 @@ start_service(struct lshd_user *user, char **argv)
support providing command line options with the service, that
might be a cleaner alternative. */
#define ENV_MAX 7
#define ENV_MAX 8
const char *env[ENV_MAX + 1];
const char *env[ENV_MAX];
const char *tz = getenv(ENV_TZ);
const char *cname = lsh_get_cstring(user->name);
const char *config_dir = getenv(ENV_LSHD_CONFIG_DIR);
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