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Rev: src/sftp/ChangeLog:1.14
parent 5b1a6252
2002-03-23 Pontus Skld <>
* (termcap): Added check for libtermcap. This should
help systems with a dynamically linked libreadline that depends on
2002-03-21 Pontus Skld <>
* Almost completely rewrote the checks for readline
and history, now actually uses the results of the library checks.
* rl.c: Use WITH_READLINE and WITH_HISTORY instead of header
* rl.h: Use <readline.h> and <history.h> if available.
2002-03-19 Pontus Skld <> 2002-03-19 Pontus Skld <>
* sftp-server should go to sbin (or should it go to * sftp-server should go to sbin (or should it go to
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