Commit 5fe97e0a authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

Use cp in stead of mv, when putting files into

the result package.

Rev: misc/
parent 9dd6bf55
......@@ -203,17 +203,17 @@ fi
timeecho Collecting results
mv $BASE/config.cache r/configcache.txt
mv $BASE/config.log r/configlog.txt
mv $BASE/src/argp/config.log r/argpconfiglog.txt
mv $BASE/src/argp/config.h r/argpconfig-h.txt
mv $BASE/src/nettle/config.log r/nettleconfiglog.txt
mv $BASE/src/nettle/config.h r/nettleconfig-h.txt
mv $BASE/src/sftp/config.log r/sftpconfiglog.txt
mv $BASE/src/sftp/config.h r/sftpconfig-h.txt
mv $BASE/src/spki/config.log r/spkiconfiglog.txt
mv $BASE/src/spki/config.h r/spkiconfig-h.txt
mv $BASE/config.h r/config-h.txt
cp $BASE/config.cache r/configcache.txt
cp $BASE/config.log r/configlog.txt
cp $BASE/src/argp/config.log r/argpconfiglog.txt
cp $BASE/src/argp/config.h r/argpconfig-h.txt
cp $BASE/src/nettle/config.log r/nettleconfiglog.txt
cp $BASE/src/nettle/config.h r/nettleconfig-h.txt
cp $BASE/src/sftp/config.log r/sftpconfiglog.txt
cp $BASE/src/sftp/config.h r/sftpconfig-h.txt
cp $BASE/src/spki/config.log r/spkiconfiglog.txt
cp $BASE/src/spki/config.h r/spkiconfig-h.txt
cp $BASE/config.h r/config-h.txt
find $BASE -name core -print > r/corefiles.txt
if test `wc -l < r/corefiles.txt` -eq 0
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ type makeinfo >> r/makeinfo.txt 2>&1
make --version > r/makeversion.txt 2>&1
type make >> r/makeversion.txt
mv buildid.txt r/buildid.txt
cp buildid.txt r/buildid.txt
(cd r && tar cf - *) > xenofarm_result.tar
gzip -1 xenofarm_result.tar
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