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Explain why lsh_keygen and lsh_writekey are separate programs.

Rev: FAQ:1.2
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......@@ -32,3 +32,37 @@ higher level languages like python or scheme rather than plain C is
that you don't have to mess with memory deallocation. But that's no
reason why we should have to do that in C; a gc should take care of
most of it in one place, in a few hundred lines of code.
× I don't see the value in lsh_writekey. Why not have lsh_keygen
do the writing?
I like the approach to have each program do one thing, and do it well.
And I'm a little tired of programs like ssh and pgp which include a
good key generator, but only generates keys in some specialized,
internal format, which are difficult to extract for other uses.
My intention is that lsh_keygen should be general program for
generating key pairs for public key cryptography. It outputs keys as
"s-expressions", and should use the formats defined by SPKI. It
supports all of canonical, transport and advanced flavors of
On the other hand, lsh_writekey is responsible for two things: to
split out the public part of the kay, and for storing the private part
securely. lsh_writekey need not support the advanced s-expression
syntax. (When I think of it, perhaps it would be better to have
lsh_writekey send the public key to stdout...).
Furthermore, if you ever want to import a dss key from some other
program (say, pgp-5), I suspect that it will be easier to find or
write up a converter that outputs an unencrypted SPKI style key, than a
program that can create the files under ~/.lsh directly. Then, the
separate lsh_writekey program may come in handy.
This said, I understand that we also need a more user friendly
interface that does all the work with a single command. But I'd rather
write that as a simple shell script that pipes the primitives
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