Commit 704b0c78 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Another try at the Solaris-5.8 libXau workaround.

parent 000a1bf3
......@@ -453,8 +453,9 @@ if test -z "$no_x" ; then
# and libraries i /usr/include and /usr/lib, which doesn't work
# because /usr/lib contains symlinks to most libraries, but not
# for libXau which is the one we need.
if test x$x_libraries = x/usr/lib ; then
if test "x$x_libraries" = xNONE; then
if test -f /usr/openwin/lib/ ; then
AC_MSG_WARN([Using X11 libraries in /usr/openwin/lib.])
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