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* doc/lsh.texinfo (Invoking lsh): Added a note saying that

ordering is important.

Rev: doc/lsh.texinfo:1.21
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......@@ -892,6 +892,9 @@ properly logged in to the remote host. Many options have both long and
short forms. This manual does not list all variants; for a full listing
of supported options, use @samp{lsh --help}.
Note that for many of the options to @command{lsh}, the ordering of the
options on the command line is important.
* Algorithms: Algorithm options. Selecting algorithms.
* Hostauth options::
......@@ -1053,7 +1056,7 @@ are two types of options that control this: @dfn{actions} and
and modifiers use lowercase.
For each modifier @option{--foo} there's also a negated form
@option{--no-foo}. Options can also be negated be preceding it with the
@option{--no-foo}. Options can also be negated by preceding it with the
special option @option{-n}. This is mainly useful for negating short
options. For instance, use @option{-nt} to tell @command{lsh} not to
request a remote pseudo terminal. Each modifier and its negation can be
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