Commit 74314da5 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Bugfix: Initialize the bignum "a" properly.

Rev: src/lshd.c:1.11
parent 701aecb0
......@@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ static void init_host_key(struct randomness *r)
"C4B855C07E8C4F64", 16);
"295190AEDBBD6EBD2F817F7D8CCC8B0095DCD82E", 16);
"295190AEDBBD6EBD2F817F7D8CCC8B0095DCD82E", 16);
mpz_init_set(tmp, g);
mpz_powm(tmp, tmp, a, p);
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