Commit 7597aafd authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* src/tcpforward_commands.c (forward_remote_port): Added a call to

prog1, to get things evaluated at the right time.

Rev: src/tcpforward_commands.c:1.13
parent f11546ba
......@@ -403,12 +403,12 @@ make_forward_local_port(struct io_backend *backend,
(lambda (connection)
(remote_listen (lambda (peer)
(connect_io ; peer
;; FIXME: This calls connect too early
;; Let it take peer as argument
;; Replacing connection with (K connection peer)
;; might work, except that it is optimized away.
(connect connection)))
; NOTE: The use of prog1 is needed to
; delay the connect call until the
; (otherwise ignored) peer argument is
; available.
(connect (prog1 connection peer))))
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