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Rev: ChangeLog:1.473
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2002-03-18 Niels Mller <>
* src/server_userauth.c (do_handle_userauth): Free username on
* src/server_publickey.c (do_authenticate): Free username and
keyblob on failure.
* src/lshd.c (lshd_options): New field resources, that keeps track
of resources to be killed at sighup or program exit.
(make_lshd_options): Create the resource list, and register it
with the gc.
(pid_file_resource): New class.
(sighup_close_callback): New class.
(do_sighup_close_callback): New SIGHUP handler.
(make_sighup_close_callback): New function.
(close_on_sighup): New command.
(make_lshd_listen): Close listen socket on SIGHUP.
(do_terminate_callback): Always catch SIGTERM.
(install_signal_handlers): Renamed the function
install_terminate_handler. Now installs handlers for both SIGHUP
(main): Arrange for the pidfile to be deleted at exit or SIGHUP.
* src/io.c (nfiles): New global variable.
(lsh_oop_stop_callback): New function.
(lsh_oop_stop): New function.
(lsh_oop_cancel_stop): New function.
(io_nfiles): New function.
(close_fd): Decrement nfiles, and call lsh_oop_stop when no files
are left.
(make_lsh_fd): Increment nfiles.
* src/format.c (ssh_format): Use the format string as the
debugging "clue" for the string.
* (CFLAGS): Don't use -ggdb3, as it seems to be
broken on sparc.
* src/unix_process.c: Unified utmp/utmpx code.
2002-03-18 Pontus Skld <>
* Can't check for structs with AC_CHECK_MEMBER,
check for a sub member instead.
* src/unix_process.c (do_utmp_cleanup): Rewrote to use utmpx if
both utmpx and utmp is avaialable. Also, don't search for an
both utmpx and utmp is available. Also, don't search for an
existing entry but construct a new one and putut{,x}line it.
Don't clear fields explicitly (the memset).
......@@ -17,6 +58,42 @@
* Check for utmpx symmetrically to utmp. Check for
more members of struct utmp. Check for members of struct utmpx.
2002-03-18 Niels Mller <>
* src/lsh-keygen.c (main): Updated to use the rewritten
2002-03-17 Niels Mller <>
* src/rsa_keygen.c (rsa_generate_key): Rewrote to use nettle's RSA
key generation. Deleted the argument E.
* src/lsh-writekey.c (main_argp_parser): Initialize a randomness
generator only if needed (i.e. if the key is going to be
encrypted), and let the --server determine which seed-file is
* src/lsh-writekey.c (main): New option --server, that writes the
output files where the server expects its host key.
* src/lsh-writekey.c (main): Check that files doesn't exist before
reading the key, but don't create the files until they are
actually written to.
(file_exists): New fucntion.
(check_file): New function.
(open_file): New function.
(open_private_file): Deleted function.
(open_public_file): Deleted function.
* src/lsh-keygen.c (do_lsh_keygen_handler): Deleted obsolete
* src/lsh-keygen.c (main): New option --server, that uses the
server's seed-file.
* src/unix_user.c (safe_close): New function.
(do_spawn): Avoid close(-1).
2002-03-17 Pontus <>
* src/unix_process.c (do_utmp_cleanup): Set ut_type to
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