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Rev: doc/TODO:1.122
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......@@ -47,6 +47,18 @@ Update utmp (users currently logged in), wtmp (record of logins) and lastlog
Use tcpwrapper's libwrap to log connections and perform access control.
For compatibility with other sshd:s and bash, lshd should set some
more environment variables when starting user processes.
SSH_CLIENT=<client-ip> <client-port> <server-port>
SSH_TTY=<tty-name> (if a pty was allocated)
bash looks at SSH_CLIENT, and reads .bashrc if it is set.
Have the allocator initialize all objects automatically.
......@@ -93,13 +105,6 @@ Looking at the lshg log, the final SSH_MSG_DATA packet(s) is missing,
so the data is lost either in lsh, or in the remote opensshd.
It might be safer to remove patent-encumbered code like IDEA code from the
regular lsh distribution, and make it available separately (this approach is
taken with GnuPG).
Improve the tail recursiveness of builtin functions.
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