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Rev: doc/TODO:1.83
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......@@ -103,6 +103,17 @@ of packets, without ever reading anything from its socket, the server
will eventually run out of memory.
make distclean doesn't work, it fails in src/symmetric because it
tries to rebuild desdata.o.
Have autoconf automatically add -I $prefix/include and -L $prefix/lib ?
Change and acinclude.m4 to use LDFLAGS for all -L and -R
options, not LIBS.
Try to find out why read() sometimes returns -1 and sets errno==EPIPE,
......@@ -219,5 +230,3 @@ Should lsh fail if some port forwardings fails? In particular,
$ lsh -R... -N
is pretty useless if the server doesn't let us bind the remote port.
Have autoconf automatically add -I $prefix/include and -L $prefix/lib ?
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