Commit 89a8868d authored by Pontus Freyhult's avatar Pontus Freyhult
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Declaration of new function lsftp_path_is_absolute.

Rev: src/sftp/sftp_bind.h:1.5
parent 6dfee0e4
......@@ -171,8 +171,9 @@ int lsftp_compact_lsftp_cbs(void);
int lsftp_await_command( int id );
char *lsftp_qualify_path(const char *path);
const char *lsftp_unqualify_path(const char *path );
int lsftp_path_is_absolute( const char* path );
char *lsftp_qualify_path( const char *path );
const char *lsftp_unqualify_path( const char *path );
int lsftp_active_cbs(void);
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