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Rev: ChangeLog:1.949
Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.5
parent eeacbf04
2007-09-07 Niels Mller <>
* src/atoms.c (get_atom_length, get_atom_name): Changed argument
type to enum lsh_atom.
* src/werror.c (get_error_stream): New function.
* src/lsh.c (class lsh_connection): New attributes write_active
and write_blocked.
(stop_gateway, start_gateway): New functions.
(oop_write_service): New function.
(service_start_write, service_stop_write): New functions.
(write_packet): Use service_start_write and service_stop_write.
(oop_read_service): Added assert.
(make_lsh_connection): Initialize write_active and write_blocked.
(DEFINE_COMMAND2): Call gateway_start_read.
(fork_lsh_transport): If messages are logged to file, dup that fd
to stderr for the child process.
* src/lsh-transport.c (main_argp_parser): Added -l/--user option.
* src/gateway.c (gateway_start_read): Made non-static. Check
(gateway_stop_read): New function.
(make_gateway_connection): Initialize read_active. Don't call
* src/gateway.h (class gateway_connection): New attribute
* src/channel.c (send_stop, ssh_connection_stop_channels)
(send_start, ssh_connection_start_channels): New functions.
* src/connection.c (ssh_connection_foreach): New function.
* src/connection.h: Prototypes for the above.
2007-05-29 Niels Mller <>
* src/gateway_channel.c (do_gateway_channel_event): When opening
......@@ -3049,7 +3086,7 @@
* Bumped version number to 2.0.4.
* Released lsh-2.0.2.
* Released lsh-2.0.3.
2006-05-08 Niels Mller <>
2007-09-07 Niels Mller <>
* examples/read_rsa_key.c: Include stdlib.h.
2007-06-02 Niels Mller <>
* Typo fixes to install targets, spotted by Magnus
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