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* doc/lsh.texinfo: Added @anchor markup for lsh-usage and


Rev: doc/lsh.texinfo:1.13
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......@@ -876,6 +876,7 @@ There is currently no tools for converting private keys.
@node Invoking lsh, Invoking lshd, Getting started, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter Invoking @command{lsh}
You use @command{lsh} to login to a remote machine. Basic usage is
......@@ -1179,6 +1180,7 @@ do that automatically.
@node Invoking lshd, Terminology, Invoking lsh, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter Invoking @command{lshd}
@command{lshd} is a server that accepts connections from clients
speaking the Secure Shell Protocol. It is usually started automatically
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