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New entry for nettle-1.15.

Rev: src/nettle/NEWS:1.25
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NEWS for the 1.15 release
Added support for PKCS#1 style RSA signatures using SHA256,
according to RFC 3447. Currently lacks interoperability
Header files are now C++ aware, so C++ programs using Nettle
should now use plain
#include <nettle/foo.h>
rather than
#extern "C" {
#include <nettle/foo.h>
as was the recommendation for the previous version. This
breaks source-level compatibility with C++, even though
there's full binary compatibility.
The file rfc1750.txt (which is considered non-free by debian)
has been removed from the distribution. The file was used as input
for the Yarrow testcase, and has been replaced by the short
story "The Gold-bug" by Edgar Allan Poe. Anyway, RFC 1750 is
obsoleted by RFC 4086.
Fixes for Darwin shared library support, contributed by Grant
Example programs now use a supplied getopt.c.
Configure tests for assemblers with a logarithmic .align
The library is intended to be upwards binary compatible with
earlier versions. The library name is, soname
is still
NEWS for the 1.14 release
Experimental support for reading keys in PKCS#1 ASN1/DER
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